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Wisdom Moon Publishing, a nonprofit corporation, is dedicated to offering creative, original books that foster an inspired appreciation of our life experiences, of our relationships with others, and of our world. See also our more detailed Mission Statement.


There are many steps and processes that will transform an idea into a book.

1. First and most essential is the author and the idea.

2. The idea is to be transformed into a text, with or without images.

3. The text typically will call for review and polishing.

4. This formatting, editing, revising, proof-reading, and bringing the text to its finest expression is a work the author may do alone or with consultation of a professional editor.

5. The final stages of this process will happen in cooperation with us at Wisdom Moon Publishing, where we will go through the text (perhaps it will benefit from revisions even at this stage), in ongoing consultation with the author.

6. The product of this is a tome that can seen and felt, with pages that can be turned.

7. The book must be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and with the U.S. Library of Congress. Wisdom Moon Publishing will handle all of these procedures.

8. An ISBN must be assigned for each version of the book (a hardcover, softcover, and eBook rendering of the same book would require three different ISBNs). Wisdom Moon Publishing will also handle this work, along with various other tasks needing to be addressed in the process of producing a book.

9. A professional printer and bookbinder that we use will take care of the physical production of the book, and an international distributor will make the book available worldwide.



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