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Mission Statement

Wisdom Moon Publishing LLC is dedicated to offering creative, original books that foster an inspired appreciation of our life experiences, relationships with others, and our world.

In harmony with the Mission Statement, the primary interest of Wisdom Moon Publishing (WMP) is in works that present a dynamic understanding of the human condition and its particulars, to inspire in readers a vibrant sense of their experience, personal potential, & well being. And in works that enhance our understanding of our interactions with others, & our dealing with the world as it presents itself to us.

Our long-term interest is in producing books that can be treasured, books that can bear more attention than a speed-read or a quick random scanning with a hasty eye, books that can be returned to repeatedly through the years of our lives for their quality, depth, and durability, books that will draw the reader back to read and to re-read, with living freshness and inspiration.

We want to encourage those interested in stepping out of the box. In our approach, we work with our authors’ inspirations and visions, to help bring these to ripening and fruition.

In helping to prepare books for publication, we offer co-operative, personal, hands-on attention. We respect the autonomy of the author’s work while offering where invited fine-tuning of the manuscript to bring it to a finer, more elegant product.

WMP sees its working inspiration in the principle of the collaborative process, with a special interest in guiding and assisting authors all along the full path to publication, giving authors significant authority throughout this process.

The process of creating a book with WMP is a joint venture in which co-operation is a key guiding principle: once a manuscript has been accepted by WMP and agreements (contracts) are finalized, both WMP and the author will devote energies, time, and commitment with the immediate goal of producing a book worthy of these involvements and the ultimate goal of offering the reading public works of value and inspiration in the understanding and appreciation of our life and our world. More on this on the page From Idea to Book (see the menu to the left).

Here the issue for WMP is not to try to predict if this book will be a best seller, but whether WMP considers it worth creating and publishing. In other terms, a guiding question here is whether this is a text that WMP will find interesting and valuable to be involved in bringing out to the book-reading public.

Books being considered address consciousness, transforming mind (psychospirituality), family process, fresh approaches to dealing with trauma, loss, or changing life situations, including memoirs and fictionalized novellas and novels, thought-provoking poems and essays, systems of education for the young, new views on old fairy tales and stories, alternatives to recent trends in health (including to pharmacologically-focused psychotherapy), dialogues on life & facing death, poetry on war & violence, fiction including psychological stories and novels proposing new models for society, holistic visions of harmonious life, models for organizations operating with cooperation and respect, experimental prose & poetry, visions of compassionate and respectful intimacy, original perspectives on the world’s religious & wisdom teachings, environmental issues from a comprehensive vision (as in caring for the earth in a sustainable fashion), historical, biographical, and autobiographical texts, as well as works in various other genres, especially when these touch on concerns expressed in WMP’s Mission Statement.

Thinking Outside the Box Makes Me Lightheaded (2010) by Duy Huynh.
Les amoureux de Vence (1957) by Marc Chagall.


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