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Wisdom Moon Publishing, a nonprofit corporation, is dedicated to offering creative, original books that foster an inspired appreciation of our life experiences, of our relationships with others, and of our world. See also our more detailed Mission Statement.


We can envision our work together, going from the relatively finished manuscript that you have submitted to WMP. We have agreed that the product of our cooperative venture has resulted in the best form of this book-to-be that we could create.

The work has now been produced, you have approved it, we had a proof copy created to verify that all is well, and now the book has been published, that is, has been offered up for sale to the public. (A private printing is not considered a published book, in this precise sense.)

Now what?

We both want the book to sell to an enthusiastic audience for whom the text will be interesting, inspiring, thought-provoking, or otherwise a positive experience.

We can both have dreams that this book will prove to be a best-seller, talked about widely and with great appreciation.

This of course does not happen quickly, easily, simply, or automatically—unless the books are part of a series of best-sellers keeping devoted readers coming back for more. Or if the author’s works would be purchased by thousands out of curiosity or strong approval or disapproval of the author: a widely recognized political figure, a famous professional athelete or star from the world of entertainment, a high-profile personality currently in the news, even perhaps a notorious criminal. Or would be bought by people to have the books sit prominently on their bookshelf and availible for eventual interest and reading.

That is not typically the situation here.

We have access to a number of channels of communication by which to make the book known.

These channels include WMP’s web pages and also our presence in the social media that authors are invited to participate in and contribute to, with postings of interest and information about themselves as authors and about their books: see the WMP Facebook page, WMP Video Channel, and WMP at Twitter. More information about participating in these media, including creating videos for our video channel, is available if that is of interest to the author.

Relatedly, WMP authors can invite their mailing list members to befriend the FB page, the Video Channel, etc.; in this way, readers with interest from all of our authors can come to learn of the other books that WMP offers. This is mutually supportive and beneficial to all involved.

There are possibilities of having the book reviewed by relevant publications. That, of course, is an individual matter, needing to be thought through depending on the particular focus of the book and the people who might be most interested in becoming aware of its existence.

There can be speaking engagements arranged, for those who are interested in that. This would involve contacting bookstores directly, explaining the value of the book, and offering an appearance at which the book would be presented, discussed, and the author available for a book-signing.

There may be radio interviews that can be arranged, depending again on the scope and particular audience the book would appeal to.

There may be local newspapers that would be interested in writing up what a member of the community has created, perhaps with a picture (of the book or of the author or both), since it is in such publications to discuss what is going on in the area of distribution of the periodical.

These avenues of spreading information about the book may be familiar territory.

There are also professional agents and companies that specialize in getting the word out about the book and the author.

It is possible now to do a search on the net or through various on-line fora (forums) that discuss matters of publication. This might be for a professional Publicist or Public Relations Publication Specialist or Marketing Consultant. (There may be several titles people use in defining their work that could beenfial in this context.)

These often sound very appealing and there are often endorsements of their work by successful clients they have worked with. Or they mention some very famous authors that they have had some contact with, showing their past achievements and their competence.

There will typically be a variety of packages offered with some description of what the given package will provide.

We think it rare that a Publicist or Marketing Advisor would guarantee a particular level of success to the potential client, in terms of a link of cost of hiring the Publicist and the number of books that will be guaranteed to be sold (or money back).

We in general hire people who are specialists for the work they will do for us. As we know from the investment world, even highly reputable companies who talk of their past achievements regularly have a proviso (or caveat): “Past success does not guarantee future results.”

The cost of some packages of Publicist or Marketing work—the stimulating activity of promoting a book—can go from the hundreds of dollars—usually for some minimal involvement—and upwards in price from there. Some Publicists with a strong reputation for success have their least expensive involvement running the client in the thousands of dollars. Of course such professionals may well be worth it, if they can get a book on the best seller list of something significant such as the New York Times Review of Books (NYRB), the London Review of Books (LRB), the Dublin Review of Books (DRB), or the Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB). Or perhaps, rather, to bring the author to receive a prestigious award, such as one of the annual prizes offered by the Paris Review.

If the goal is to get the word out about your book, hiring an expert publicist or marketing consultant may be the way to go. There may also be less expensive ways to achieve your goal here. This is where creativity and work replace a deep pocketbook. (The channels of spreading the word that we have here at WMP may, of course, be complemented by the work of a competent publicist.)

Our interest in producing books of long-term value—as suggested by our Home Page—suggests that we are not focusing on a short-lived sprint of momentary sparkle here, but an activity of continuity, and perhaps something more like a long stroll along country lanes than a marathon!

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